September 14, 2011

Different or Negative?

Recently, a Facebook acquaintance brought to my attention that I, as well as others, are very negative people.  In fact, I am such a negative person that they had to put me on block because he couldn't handle seeing the things that I posted.  I've burned my share of bridges (none are among my proud moments), but I'm thinking "wow I must have really done it this time".  When pressed to find why this person felt this way, I found the reasoning amazing.  I was deemed a negative person simply because I didn't agree with what the other person was saying.  Well, if this is true, then I cannot deny that I'm "negative"... oops, my bad!   

But then wouldn't everyone be a negative person?  No two people will always agree.  Could you imagine a world where our differences were negative things?  I cannot imagine living in a world where such pessimism exists.  Thank goodness, I actually see differences as something positive.  Diversity gives us a chance to learn, to see things through someone else's eyes.  For those who disagree, I'm not going to apologize for being "negative", but I welcome the chance for you to show me that I'm wrong.

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